Cancer policy worth having

For many a Cancer insurance policy is not at the forefront of ones day to day thoughts. For most in fact, if the subject did come up it would be overlooked with the knowledge of having a health insurance plan. This insurance policy in the past has been one of the most overlooked, and yet, highly regarded as one of the most important secondary (supplemental) coverage to have. Ask those in the field and they will tell you while most of the traditional medical treatments will be covered under your existing health plan, there are a lot of holes as well. The leak? Non-medical expenses.

The American Cancer Society has shown from statistics that many of the expenses and stress that come from becoming a victim of Cancer has not been just the surmounting medical expenses, the stress and strain and mental anguish, the torment of unknowing the future results, but rather the costs that are associated due to not medical bills. Cancer leads to bankruptcy.

Remember, after being diagnosed, you will also be out of work for a while and that means lack of income. Thinking disability insurance is your safety net may help, but may also be a false sense of security. While having such a policy is good, it may be months before benefits kicks in, and when it does, it only pays you up to 66% maximum of your lost income you were once earning. You were suppose to feel secure with insurance, but do you have the right type of coverage is the question.

You should have your main health insurance for regular routine wellness and preventative and doctor visits, and most important you should have catastrophic situations covered.

A supplement to your regular health policy is a must these days.

You should be covered for the variable elements that can equate to bankruptcy if you are do not have this insurance. Those who have a Medicare plan know they need to have a medicare supplement. It works the same to know that there is a policy that will cover you if diagnosed with cancer or some other critical type of illness. This cancer insurance plan is more and more popular and being sold as the norm as an add on to your health insurance through a critical illness rider. Not necessarily a cancer plan, but critical illness policies. They cover heart conditions and strokes, as well as paralysis, major burns major organ transplants in additin to cancer and they typically pay a cash lump sum to the insured.

What most do not know is that taking this critical illness add on rider, (which is often snuck in by the agent), is really NOT the route to go and you the client need to get a stand alone policy that the rates never go up for the life of the policy in most cases!

Which Cancer policy is best is for you could be decided on the company rating and benefit coverage first, and brand company second. Last considered would be price since most are the same in cost. Get all the information and compare insurance fairly. Best to seek the answers by those that specialize in a list of cancer companies and their quotes and ratings such as the United States Cancer insurance resource center, (www.

Skip the bells and whistles and fancy add-ons to your plan with sounds of ‘return of premium’, to whereby “it’ll cost you nothing, you’ll have all your money returned if you don’t use it”, is just a shiny way of saying it will cost you more. You may get it back true, but you may not as well. Keeping a policy for 20 years may be a little more to ask from you if you are not one to have done so with a company for more than 5-7 years.

A chat with a rep from a major insurance carrier shared that the average policy stays on the books for a very long time. About 13 -14 years. This is definitely insurance to keep for life. Most premiums will stay the same and you never know when the unknown can come creep up, the reason to get coverage in the first place.

So why a cancer insurance policy?

You cant afford to not have one. The insurance plans are somewhere around $20 a month and perhaps a little bit more for something like a critical illness policy. Again, it is recommended and does cover more so it is covering the bases. The stats are roughly a million cases (new) of those diagnosed with cancer a year. Since most are living longer as having that news you most certainly want the protection instead of short changing yourself. The other chances of getting a heart attack or a stroke? Well that brings us to nearly 3 million diagnoses a year so the policy you choose is up to you as long as you get extra benefits available OUTSIDE the health plan you have now and not as an add on you will be satisfied you did so.

Plans are offered in a couple of ways. A lump sum benefit seems to be a favorite amongst those that have been diagnosed. To clarify the other pays out per treatment as a reimbursement but do not forget that most of the medical expenses will be covered under your existing plan. This type of cancer policy also offers a lump sum in addition but is typically small such as $3,000 or $5,000. A lump sum only plan usually starts at $10,000 and average goes to $50,000 for cancer only or $100,000 for a simplified critical illness policy. This coverage is nice since the money comes to you (the insured) directly upon diagnosis. Better than waiting for a disability check and can pay for those non medical expenses as discussed, which they say, is better than a get well card. Agreed!

Cancer Insurance Reviews

Reviews rates and ratings; a consumer guide to the best Cancer Insurance

Cancer ınsurance coverage conceptually is very easy. Benefits are given directly to you regardless of some other medical care insurance possibly you have. After that you can make use of the gains to help you cover for all of the additional costs associated with an individual’s cancer treatment plan. Cancer insurance policies complement current medical care insurance policies and wages.

Why choose cancer insurance?

The National Institute of Health shows the current expense associated with cancer throughout 2007 in the USA was over two hundred billion. Of this, eighty nine. billion ended up being caused by health related costs and over eighteen billion has been as a result of dropped production expenses.

Cancer therapy charges present a substantial economical encumbrance for almost many individuals. Even if the person has insurance coverage, in that respect there probably will end up being deductibles, co-pays, as well as annual or even life time caps to pay for.

There are actually health-related and non health care related expenses associated with cancer. Types of health related expenditures are physician and medical center charges, medications, surgical treatment, as well as therapy charges. Types of non-medical expenses are loss of employment, travel, lodgings, child care, as well as amplified cost of living. Just about all medical care insurance plans cover only your medical related expenses related to cancer. Cancer insurance coverage benefits can be utilized for use on your health-related as well as non-health related fees.

A few of the hazards and stats associated with cancer?

Based on the ACS, it is estimated that over one million new cancer incidents is likely to take place in the united states in 2008 and beyond. Adult men have a 1 in 2 possibility along with women have a one in three potential for getting cancer.

The possibility of getting the disease raises as we grow older and 77% of most cancers happens to men and women age fifty-five and above.Surprising it is the second major reason for loss of life in adults, following heart disease.

What is the survival rate pertaining to cancer?

Around nine million people in the US with prior cancer were alive in 2000 according to the NCI. The actual five year survival rate for all cancers combined is sixty-three percent. Statistics state that although more people have been diagnosed there are many different causes for that including the population. One element that is not changing are the causes of getting cancer inclusive of poor health condition on our own validity. Poor diet and no exercise causes more than just heart concerns it also increases the potential for cancer. Smoking another huge cause along with stress and something we might not be able to help which is passing it on in our hereditary dna. Other variables may be your occupation and such like diesel fumes asbestos.

Choosing the best cancer insurance

You need simply see all cancer insurance reviews in one place, here, the A Rated carriers from AM Best and company based on financial strength amongst many other primary factors and can within your state with the DOI. View rates and ratings on one page at’s Cancer Insurance Resource Center. Most policy premiums are rather inexpensive in terms of cost and very robust in terms of benefits. There are no additional costs for assistance or help filing the application with the carriers.

Cancer treatment center, policies, and doctors

What to do if diagnosed, where to go, and where to get insurance before and even after.

When already diagnosed and need treatment

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, choosing a health care provider as well as treatment facility for your therapy is an important move to receive the very best therapy conceivable. Even though the healthcare program can be challenging, resources are on hand to help assist you in finding a doctor, pathologist, or oncologist, obtaining a 2nd opinion, in addition to picking cancer treatment centers that work. Here are a few bits of advice along with informative tools that may help you with these kinds of crucial choices, or if not diagnosed, how to get the proper cancer policy before disaster strikes.

Some medical specialists and sub-areas:

Medical Oncology

Known as a sub-area of internal medicine. Physicians who focus on internal medicine treat a wide range of medical issues. Professional medical oncologists handle cancer and control the patient’s course of treatment. The medical oncologist might also seek advice from various other physicians about the patient’s care or even refer the individual to additional experts.


It is really a sub-area of internal medicine. Hematologists focus on diseases of the bloodstream and related tissues, such as bone marrow, spleen, as well as lymph nodes.

Radiation Oncology

Again also a sub-area of radiology. Radiology is actually the use of x-rays as well as other varieties of radiation to identify as well as take care of disease. Radiation oncologists specialize in the employment of radiation to manage cancer cells.

Surgery is known as a area of expertise which pertains to treating illness through surgical operation. General surgeons execute operations on nearly every section of one’s body. Physicians may also elect to concentrate on a particular type of surgery; for example, thoracic surgeons are generally specialists that execute operations specifically in the upper body area, like the lung area and the esophagus.

The American Board of Medical Specialties® (ABMS) is known as a not-for-profit group which helps professional medical specialty boards using the advancement as well as use of standards regarding examination and also certification regarding physicians.

Just about all board-certified professionals are members in their medical specialty society. Physicians can easily obtain Fellowship status inside a specialty society, including the American College of Surgeons (ACS), if they illustrate exceptional accomplishment within their profession. Considerations for Fellowship status might contain the number of years of regular membership inside the specialty community, years practicing within the specialty, and professional acknowledgment by peers.

Cancer Insurance if not diagnosed

Do you know someone with or has been treated for this disease? If you are merely preparing for the possibilities, maybe even have a major medical plan, but looking for a supplement cancer insurance policy, you should run to get coverage as a cancer insurance policies are the most over looked and one of the arguably most important policies you could possess. Most policies are starting at about $20 a month and there are two types of coverage you can get. First a lump sum or second an expense policy. As an opinion, it is recommended to get a lump sum simply because if you do have a health insurance major medical insurance policy, most of it if not all the medical will be covered under your health insurance policy. What wont be covered under the policy is your non medical expenses that which cancer will put you into a state of bankruptcy.

Here are a few areas of non medical expenses that causes over sixty percent of all bankruptcies;

  • Being off from work recuperating and loss of income for 6 months or more
  • Deductible  of your health policy
  • Your co-insurance and max out of pocket can be thousands
  • Your clinical trials or experimental treatments
  • loss of your spouses income if they are by your side
  • Child care if have dependent children
  • Home health care

Many can use the money for a treatment center such as the Cancer Treatment Centers of America or those that do not want to use chemo but more of a method that works as well with the Dr. Burzynski clinic or possibly medical tourism and go through treatment over seas. Perhaps experimental treatments or clinical trials that are not covered only if you have a lump sum from savings or a cancer insurance or even better, a critical illness policy which most of the time is better than a cancer policy and roughly the same price. Remember how you felt when your computer crashed and didnt have a backup? Not the same but people are living longer from marvels of modern medicine but that comes at a price and when your savings, retirement, and ira gets wiped clean as your files from your computer you financially too will crash. Recovery is easier if you have a plan and were prepared. Do you have your backup or are you going to wait till its too late? To see the rates on carriers and plans available and filed with the Dept of Insurance visit the Resource Center www. home page.

Cancer insurance if already diagnosed

Remember that even if you wait and get health insurance after you have been diagnosed, it may take some time to get the processing and paperwork needed to get coverage from even the government. This is still coming with a qualification such as being without insurance for a period of 6 months prior to applying. Sneaky considering you might not have 6 months to wait with “the big C”. You do have options and you are not alone. The worst thing to do is panic, the best thing to do is being prepared.f you have not had coverage and need at least coverage you can turn to the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan. Long name but you can visit the site at to enroll. Details are on the home page or as they call Hope page. These are full benefits without a waiting period. If for some reason you dont qualify because you had some sort of coverage within 6 months you can get an alternative plan and will accept you but might not be major medical yet is still insurance. The biggest advantage is having access tot he health care system. This is important for the in network repricing alone as well as not being denied and presenting a health insurance card.

Handle cancer like a hurricane.

If you have news early enough you can better defend it coming and be better prepared. Take screenings. Being blind-sided and not knowing it is coming can cause you major damage in either way. This is where knowledge is power, but also know the second part no one ever says which is …”only if you use it”. So be a boyscout and always be prepared. Insurance is just that. It is by definition to spread out risk better known as risk sharing. Hurricane might not be avoided, could be catastrophic and you would not go without coverage would you? Be it a shelter of coverage or insurance coverage you wouldnt take on the risk, so why are you still without policy?

Check your options with an organization that specializes such as the United States Critical Illness and Cancer Insurance Resource Center for more options and no cost for application assistance for cancer policies or critical illness supplemental health insurance.

Child cancer policies

Children and Cancer insurance policies

January 21st, 2011

Cancer is not typically thought of with children. It is something that should be considered and cancer insurance policies for children are available but typically as a rider onto a primary’s policy. Centers such as St. Jude are a blessing as well as organizations such as Make-a-Wish foundation. Cancer is considered the abnormal emergence among cells that triggers illness in the body. Cells are the very small pieces that define every living things. Human beings are made of more than ten trillion cells, that’s is complex. You can not view cells with your eyes only, but you will be able to under a high-powered microscopic lens.

Cancer comes about when cells begin cultivating extraordinarily as well as dividing uncontrollably. A collection and/or mass of developing cells is called a tumor. A tumor within any component in the person is known as benign when it isn’t cancer, or perhaps malignant if it is cancer.

Children really don’t get cancer often. And a lot of those that do get it may be treated and healed. Common cancer treatment options include things like chemotherapy, this means receiving anti-cancer medication through an Intravenous, and radiation, this means powerful power waves (similar to X-rays) are employed to destroy cancer cells. Surgical treatment may also be performed to remove tumors. And also in some cases, for example leukemia, a bone marrow or stem cell transplant can be done to help a kid to be healthy once again.

Here are a few types of cancer that youngsters could get:


The leukemia disease is the most common kind of cancer youngsters get, but it is still very rare. The leukemia disease involves the blood as well as blood-forming organs, such as the bone marrow. Bone marrow is considered the innermost part of some bones in which bloodstream cells are generally first made. A kid having the leukemia disease produces lots of abnormal white blood cells in the bone marrow.

Normally, white blood cells battle an infection, however the white blood cells in a person having leukemia don’t work the way they’re supposed to. Rather than safeguarding the individual, these types of irregular white blood cells multiply uncontrollably. They fill the bone marrow to make it really difficult for sufficient typical, infection-fighting white blood cells to form.

Additional blood cells – like red blood cells (which in turn transport oxygen inside bloodstream towards the body’s cells) along with platelets (which in turn allow blood to be able to clot) – also get crowded over by the white blood cells of the leukemia disease. These types of cancer cells may well move to other parts of the body, like the blood stream, liver, spleen, along with lymph nodes. Inside those areas, cancer cells could continue to increase in numbers and even increase.

Brain Cancer

Any brain tumor is really a collection or heap of abnormally growing cells which can be obtained from or on the brain. They are unusual in kids. Within the well over seventy-three million youngsters along with young adults in the usa, roughly three thousand – one hundred tend to be diagnosed with brain tumors annually. It is because of this that cancer insurance policies are so important since you are trying to protect against the event although unlikely the cost for a rider is typically a couple of dollars for children

Brain tumors could sometimes begin in the brain or perhaps distribute there through yet another section of one’s body – some cancers of which begin in additional parts of the body sometimes have cells of which travel to the brain and start increasing there.


Lymphoma ıs really a general term for a group of cancers of which come from your body’s lymphatic system. The lymphatic system incorporates hundreds of bean-size lymph nodes – additionally often called glands – that work well to repel bacteria or various other dangerous invaders in the body. Lymph nodes are located through the entire body. This condition is more seen in children but requires a lot of extra expenses that most did not know they would incur, just as much they didnt think a child would be stricken with this cancer in the first place. The protection in a cancer policy is so necessary due to the non medical bills that will be a factor. Thinks about the loss of income (no, not the child…you), not only will you have your income loss but most likely your spouse as well.

When we acquire common colds or perhaps the influenza virus, we are able to sometimes look and feel our lymph nodes across the top of ones neck as well as under the jaw. That is because in the event the entire body will be driving back these bacteria, your lymph nodes expand larger. Your spleen, a body organ in your stomach that filters blood, and the thymus, a human gland inside the upper chest, also are elements of your lymphatic system.

Lymphoma comes about when a lymphocyte, a kind of white blood cell, starts to grow as well as bulk out good cells. The actual cancerous lymphocytes generate tumors (masses or lumps involving cancer cells) of which expand the actual lymph nodes.

It should also be noted that simply getting a cancer insurance policy is not enough without looking at the hidden factors that perhaps you didnt realize the cancer insurance company that you decided to go with are not all the same and missed the clause stating that only ten (10%) percent of the face value goes to the dependent unlike the primary getting the full amount. Do check to make certain you are getting what you are looking for. For further assistance contact the U.S. Cancer Insurance Resource Center at

Getting Better

As physicians and research workers know more about cancer, they are discovering much better medicines plus much more productive methods for combating it. The aim of cancer treatment methods are to be able to wipe out or even eradicate all of the cancerous cells which means that healthy cells may take over again. Whenever this happens, children start feeling far better and also the those who love them are relieved and also joyful.

Cancer insurance info

What is cancer insurance?

Cancer ınsurance coverage conceptually is very simple. Cancer policies are available in two forms both an expense or defined benefit or the more favorable and popular lump sum benefit. Benefits are generally paid up directly to individuals regardless of some other medical insurance you could have. You will be able to use the benefits that will help pay out for many of the additional expenses related to your cancer medical care. Cancer insurance plans augment current health insurance plans and also wages. The main reason why lump sum benefit cancer insurance policy is preferred is if a person has health insurance, most of the medical expenses are going to be covered under your major medical. It is the non medical that has caused most of the bankruptcies nationwide.

So why acquire cancer insurance coverage?

 The National Institute of Health reports the overall expenditures of cancer throughout 2007 in the U.S. was over two-hundred billion. Of this, eighty-nine billion has been as a consequence of health related fees and $18.2 billion ended up being due to dropped output expenses.

 Cancer treatment costs provide a large financial encumbrance for nearly just about all people. Regardless of whether the patient possesses medical care insurance, generally there will in all probability be deductibles, co-pays, and annual or even life span caps to pay for.

 You will discover healthcare and non health care related expenses associated with cancer. Types of medical expenditures are generally health practitioner as well as facility charges, medicine, surgery, and also treatment fees. Examples of non-medical expenditures usually are loss of income, traveling, lodgings, daycare, along with enhanced bills, clinical trials, home health care and so on. This is where a cancer policy or critical illness policies come in to save the person…financially. The vast majority of medical insurance coverage programs only cover the professional medical expenses associated with cancer. Cancer insurance benefits may be used for one’s medical and non health related expenditures.

Likelihood of cancer?

 Based on the American Cancer Society, it’s estimated that over one million completely new cancer scenarios will probably manifest in the USA in 2008 and possibly grow every year thereafter. Males have a 50 percent likelihood and women possess a one in three chance of developing cancer.

  • Cancer possibility raises as they age. 77% of most cancers appear in people age 55 and older.
  • Nearly one out of every two will be diagnosed with some form of cancer prior to age 65
  • Cancer stands out as the 2nd major reason for loss of life in grown-ups, following heart disease.
  • Cancer may be the second top cause of loss of life in youngsters, right after accidents.

What is the survival rate of cancer?

Approximately nine million people in the US with prior cancer were still living in 2000 based on the National Cancer Institute. The actual five year success rate for all cancers put together is sixty three percent but now is rising since the marvel of science and modern medicine. The expenses associated with cancer and surviving financially is another.

If you knew without a doubt you were going to be diagnosed in 1 year, wouldn’t you get coverage today. Well we cant predict, but we can look at statistics and the statistics say you are more likely to be diagnosed with some form of cancer, don’t wait til its too late. Choosing a plan, or any answers to cancer policies can be sought through insurance agents specializing in ancillary markets or the U.S. Critical Illness and Cancer Insurance Resource Center.

Cancer Insurance policies

Cancer insurance policies

Looking for cancer insurance but not sure where to begin?
You’re not alone. Many individuals that are looking for supplemental health insurance policies, begin with a search online. Cancer insurance plans cover you when you need it most. Those thinking that health insurance alone would cover them were left with a lot of non medical bills ending up in unforeseen bankruptcy. Most important to note is that half of all of them were due to medical reasons such as cancer and yet nearly a whopping 80% already had major medical health coverage in place.
The policies range from expense medical type plans to lump sum cash benefit policies. The latter is the one that is most beneficial these days and gets paid directly to the insured. Depending on your needs cancer insurance policies can save you from financial hardship or even living through with better treatment perhaps not covered without an out of pocket expense. Dont spend all your savings, or worse yet, if you have no savings you’ll be left going to family or others you may be burdening or not having anyone to burden if you’re an individual. Either way family or individual its not worth not getting a policy for. Cancer insurance quotes are around $20-$30 a month depending on your coverage amount you wish for.

Weigh out your options and decide which of the policies that is right for  you. You may want to consider getting a separate policy from your major medical as a rider for coverage. You would be better suited to have an outside coverage plan. Cancer insurance policies can cover an array of medical treatments, transportation, chemo and radiation, but what of those bills that are non medical brought on by cancer. The stats are too high that you are more likely to get a form of cancer than not at all and not enough coverage can make all the difference in choosing comfortable, or stressful debt.

Which should you get, which cancer insurance company will cover you or do they differ and when do they pay? Should I get a lump sum, a medical expense or specified illness or should i get a critical illness insurance policy that covers heart and strokes as well? A policy that begins at around twenty dollars a month can really come in handy when you need it most and traditional health insurance isn’t enough. Contact the Cancer Insurance Resource Center for quotes and ask questions now and don’t put off what you can do today to protect yourself and your financial risk.